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Brawdoliaeth Y Brodorion

History part 1

tudalen gatref | cysylltu ni

The history 

Late in 1999 three Welsh speaking bikers who were great mates thought it would be a good idea to form a serious bike club for welsh speaking bikers so they could combine their passion for riding motorbikes with their passion for speaking Welsh, so they hatched the great plan to contact and visit biker clubs in Wales and the other Celtic countries with the aim of promoting Welsh and Celtic languages and culture within the biking club scene. Many names were considered for the club such as Y Derwyddion (The Druids) , Meibion Annwn (sons of Annwn, Annwn being the Celtic lord of the underworld) and Meibion Glyndwr (sons of Glyndwr ), after the great Welsh prince who led a rebellion against the English. But alas these names seemed to simple and the grandiose name of;

Y Marchogwyr o’r y Cylch Celtaidd

(riders of the Celtic Circle) was initially chosen and during the next  year the club regularly met mainly in Cardiff Pubs that were known as Welsh language hot spots and although great fun was had by all, the original dream of  spreading the club throughout  all the Celtic countries proved to be an  ambitious and daunting task  even though the club had become very good friends with the Celtic Brothers in Brittany A realistic decision was made to curtail the clubs activities mainly to Wales and get to really know the other clubs in our locality better.

This is when the new name Y Brodorion was adopted, which in modern Welsh means “The Natives” but in older Welsh could be understood to mean “The Brothers”.

It was during this period in the clubs history that tragedy struck when two of the founding members died under tragic circumstances. This without doubt left the club reeling and wandering in the dark for a while until a decision was made to open the club up to non Welsh speaking members in order to promote a truer image of the cultural backgrounds that now represents modern Wales  

This proved to be a popular move and once again the club started to blossom and some time in early 2001 the club started to meet regularly at The Horse and Groom; Cowbridge, at a time when we actively went out to meet and befriend other clubs in South Wales and slowly fell in line with the very well ordered and structured bike scene that existed in the area.

Y brodorion
Early patch