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Brawdoliaeth Y Brodorion

History part 2

tudalen gatref | cysylltu ni


At this time we realised that the club patch clashed with local clubs that had been established longer, we negotiated with the local dominant mc’s on a change of patch design .We moved from The Horse and Groom and  for a short period of time we met at the Plough and Harrow at Monknash, but as we were growing the Plough proved to be too small, so we moved on to the Crown Inn at Pyle where we stayed for a while and threw our 4th annual party known as the Restless Natives Bash. By now the club had become more serious and we adopted the very distinctive Celtic snake marker that we wear on the back of our cut offs .In 2003 The Crown shut down and threatened to make us homeless So we moved back to the Horse and Groom but after one to many drunken and rowdy nights we parted company with the Horse and Groom (not our decision)

By now most of the club members were Cardiff lads, so in the early Spring of 2004 we moved to Cardiff and started to meet at The New Inn on Caerphilly Rd in the Heath area of the City and whilst on a visit to Brittany visiting the Celtic brothers we received a text message informing us of the resignation of some of our members. The club was now left with a core of serious bikers who had the true commitment to carry the club forward.

It was at this time we put our first charter together. We were now getting to be a very serious minded club dropping any reference to mcc or cbm (Clwb beic modur ) in favour of Brotherhood/Brodoriaeth. The New Inn proved a disappointment as we could not be guaranteed the privacy we needed to hold our meetings, once again we were on the move this time on a temporary basis to the Gower Hotel in the Cathays area while we held talks with the Landlord of Morgan’s Pub on Newport Road which resulted in us successfully negotiating to exclusively take over the annex as our clubhouse. Whilst here in October 2004 we held the 5th Restless Natives bash which proved to be a huge success.

In early 2005 we amended our charter to officially state we were a Brotherhood and we also successfully negotiated with the leading Mc’s in the area to formally become a side patch club. Our attitude to the local biking scene, our image and future was now becoming very serious and we decided to look for our own clubhouse with the aim of having a permanent home .We made one more temporary move of base, back to the Gower Hotel  where we had exclusive use of an upstairs room where we held the  6th Restless Natives Bash. Being a club that never stands still for long more changes were afoot.

Y Brodorion
2nd patch