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Brawdoliaeth Y Brodorion

History part 3

tudalen gatref | cysylltu ni

In February 06 after what seemed like endless searching for a suitable building to turn into a club house we found A building in the City Road on the City Roath Area of the City and set it up as our club house “The Snake Pit” and after a lot of work doing it up, we moved in and with an the official opening it in March 2006. We threw quite a few parties that year including yes, you’ve guessed it, the 7th Restless Natives Bash and in 2008 we threw the 8th Restless Natives Bash at “the snake pit”. By early 2008, noisy parties, revving bikes, and disputes with neighbours and the landlord coincided with financial difficulties of financing the clubhouse. Also many members were complaining that were spending too much time in the clubhouse and not out on our bikes and following some heavy debates we took a major decision to move out of the club house in July 2008.

We now spend our time meeting at various venues between Cardiff and the Vale of Glamorgan. We held the 9th Restless Natives Bash at the “New Pub” in Ferndale Rhondda Valley (but that’s long story). In early 2008 we set up the 29 2 Support which allows people who hang around with us socially or are interested in joining the Brotherhood to get involved with out over - committing themselves  

Now as we approach the Spring of 2009 Y Brodorion Brotherhood continues to be a very tight knit but approachable club.

As we stand at present, the club is, as always continuing to evolve and go from strength to strength. We have learnt from our mistakes but always continue to look forward .We have made some great friends throughout but one of the greatest rewards of being a member of Y Brodorion is without doubt the true Brotherhood that we enjoy amongst ourselves